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UNICEF Embraces Blockchain: Exploring a DAO Prototype for Digital Public Goods Projects | Titan Block

UNICEF, the United Nations agency dedicated to providing relief and humanitarian aid to children worldwide, is venturing into the world of blockchain with the development of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) prototype. This innovative move aims to enhance communication and funding for digital public goods (DPGs) projects, which are essential for building digital infrastructure in various countries.

The DAO prototype, built on the Layer 2 solution Polygon, is designed to bring stakeholders together and facilitate decision-making for DPGs. As part of UNICEF's broader interest in crypto, the organization established the UNICEF CryptoFund in 2019. This fund aims to provide financial support to innovative startups that focus on children's needs.

Since its inception, the CryptoFund has received contributions from four donors, including ETC Labs, Animoca Brands, and Huobi Charity. With this backing, UNICEF has funded 41 startups in program countries using cryptocurrency. One example is Rumsan, a Nepali blockchain-based cash and voucher assistance platform that connects aid agencies with distribution entities to provide aid to beneficiaries.

Despite the complexities of blockchain technologies, UNICEF remains "flexible" and "willing to learn," demonstrating a commitment to exploring the potential of this emerging technology. The organization has not yet decided on whether to include USDC as a donation option for the CryptoFund, as the decision depends on market factors and the coin's stability.

As UNICEF continues to innovate and embrace blockchain technology, the development of the DAO prototype marks an exciting step towards a more collaborative and efficient approach to digital public goods projects.

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